PROMISE (Module 12)


Welcome to the ECOLE
in-service training course


An International Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) project may at first sight look very easy to implement. But 23 years' of experience in this field in networks or projects such as European Schools Project, ECOLE and the in-service project Comenius 2.1 PROMISE has shown that there are more challenges and pitfalls than first expected and that the teachers very often ask for support and guidance. This course is to be seen as a material that hopefully can be of use. 

Accessibility to the Internet and web based materials such as ‘the Image of the Other’ have given numerous teachers around Europe and beyond an outstanding possibility of starting an international collaborative project with their students.  

In spite of a very firm structure in the Image materials we have experienced that teachers in some cases have put too little effort into preparing the collaboration. In most cases because they have had no access to materials or tools that could assist them in becoming more conscious of what the collaborative work might imply and offer.


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